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This means that to uninstall it, you only have to drag it to the Trash.I have been trying to uninstall uTorrent from my Mac for awhile now.

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AppCleaner latest version: Fully uninstall applications on Mac.

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I have MAC OS 10.5 Leopard. I have been a PC user for the last 12.

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Choose from thousands of OS X apps to purchase or download and install on your Mac.But when it becomes useless, they gets troubles in uninstalling the application.

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First, when you delete an app using this method, some things, such as preferences files (which store your preferences for each app) may get left behind.Hi, Easily you can uninstall the realplayer application from mac.For this follow the below instructions to install real player from mac syste Turn on the system first.Justin Pot January 9, 2014 09-01-2014 3 minutes. programs you uninstall from your Mac leave stuff behind.How to uninstall a software application from Mac OS X,how to uninstall programs on mac os,how to uninstall and reinstall java on mac,how to uninstall google chrome on.

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How to Fully uninstall an application on a Mac with AppZapper.In this Mac Tip, we take a look at how to uninstall applications from OS X for new users to the platform.

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Then, watch as it finds the extra files and lets you delete them with one click.This is an effective tutorial that helps you learn how to remove Zappiti Media Center on your macOS and Mac OS X.AppCleaner for Mac: Free Download - Uninstall your apps easily.If an application installs any other files the best way to track them down is to do a Finder search using the application name or the developer name as the search term.Visit the page and learn how to correctly remove Image Drop 1.0.2 in Mac OS X.Visit the page and learn how to correctly remove StopwatchX 1.2 in Mac OS X.

Thank you So, at first at last, i will have to use one of the shareware utilities to completely uninstall an application.

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If the application did not come with an uninstaller application (few do, but those that do have uninstallers include e.g. Microsoft Office) - then all you have to do.

In a few cases, developers may provide uninstallers for their apps, but for the majority of Mac apps, drag-and-drop deleting is the only way to go.

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Want to remove applications on Mac without leaving leftovers.Some applications may install an uninstaller program that can be used to remove the application.

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To comment on this article and other Macworld content, visit our Facebook page or our Twitter feed.They are extensions that are provided by actual apps from the App Store.This is the same classic method of uninstalling a mac app that has been around since the dawn of.Next, find the app you want to delete: Note that you may need to dig through folders within the Applications folder to find the app you want to remove.Nick is a freelance contributor and a former editor for TechHive and PCWorld.Open Launchpad (by clicking its Dock icon, using the trackpad gesture, or searching for it in Spotlight), then click and hold any app icon until the icons start shaking.Perhaps there is a third-party implementation but I have no idea what that is or where it might be located.At this point, OS X will move the app to the Trash, but if you change your mind, you can simply drag the app back to the Applications folder.

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Most Mac users would wonder how to uninstall programs on Mac computers.