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Full Review joseph nichols July 11, 2017 From a 5-star rating to a one-star rating.Whisper is a free and useful Social app by WhisperText LLC:.Along with the feature that automatically shows replies while looking at the whisper.The gif keyboard pops up when it predicts certain words, which cannot be turned off.

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Free Download Whisper32 1.16 - Whisper32 is a very easy-to-use Password Manager for Windows.

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Cant say which ones are fake or not, but I would trust whisper more for news than say, CNN (aka Fake News Network).

Browse the top free apps on iTunes, then download them to use on your computer, iPad, iPhone, or iPod.I also enjoy the chat function, where I can talk to people and remain as anonymous as I want.

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Great app except for all it takes is someone to flag you and Whisper will block you from doing anything.Whisper is an anonymous sharing app where you can divulge your darkest secrets to an audience of unknown people, and read and respond to their confessions.

Whisper is a proprietary iOS and Android mobile app available without charge, which allows users to post and share photo and video messages anonymously, although this.If you want a place to share all of your darkest secrets with complete strangers, anonymously, then Whisper is the app for you.Recommended gifs are annoying as hell Full Review Keefe Guadeloupe July 12, 2017 The chat is the only feature that kills it.

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The thing that is so annoying now is the last update to this.Post secrets on anonymous chat apps like Whisper. 100% free and anonymous places to share information in complete anonymity.The nearby part of the app is good to find people near you as well.Not happy with Whispers management Full Review Heywood Jiblomi July 13, 2017 Since the updates, the forced ads are bull.

All the best free apps you want on your Android. 3.21. kingroot studio. A useful unofficial remote control app for Samsung TVs. 3.1.3. Canon Inc.

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But even if I click the gif button to make them stop, it still lags the app.

The app crashes constantly and the recent patches have bloated the app.Full Review Jackson Grubbs July 11, 2017 Remove the black bar at the bottom of the screen.Getting rid of the gif chat recognize, I hate typing a common emotion and the gif bar keeps popping up to interrupt my typing.

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You can rate, but not after you block or get blocked by someone.

Free, Worldwide, Encrypted Phone Calls for. both TextSecure and RedPhone for Android will be combined into a unified Signal app on.Item removed from wishlist. 1 Install Ever wondered what the people around you are really thinking.

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Im giving it 4 stars because i really dont like the new thing where gifs pop up for words.

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Here are 15 crazy confessions about cheating and betrayal in relationships from Whisper App that need to be seen to be believed.I was talking to a girl about relationships and then she blocked me and flagged me.I have a Galaxy J7 please, fix that Btw. the gif thing that when you type something appears, is annoying Grey Gerber So, the app drains your battery like mad.Full Review Destra McGee July 12, 2017 I love whisper its great to get things off your chest and thr meet fun new people.Ji Hye Park Before the update everything was awesome. after that, its lagging my phone and the app is stops and I cant use any other app while im using whisper because it doesnt let me leave.