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This downloads a self-contained VPN configuration file named client.ovpn.Unzip the file. This will create a directory named personalVPN that contains, among other files, a file named SampleConfig.txt.When you are on mobile data, your phone accesses your OpenVPN server via the operator gateway of your mobile carrier.The configuration of your VPN tunnel contains a key that is protected by a password.The former subdirectory contains a UDP-based.ovpn configuration file for every VPN server location.

You can revive it by pushing the Reconnect button on the status screen.If the Internet connection works and the test still fails, then let us know in our support forum.A tiny number of devices comes with a broken L2TP implementation in the built-in L2TP client.So far, we have seen this test fail only if the previous test, System Property Table, also fails.

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If you are not interested, simply skip ahead to the next section Managing A VPN Tunnel.On startup, FEAT VPN detects and notifies you of any known problems with your device.Click on the view greeting link of the Open account that you would like to use FEAT VPN with.

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So, try to find a ping interval that is as long as possible but still keeps the NAT mapping alive.Push the Home button to return to the root directory of the SD card.Download sends multiple UDP packets through the L2TP connection from FEAT VPN to the built-in client.

Moreover, a long tap on a configured VPN tunnel shows a delete button for the tunnel and allows you to delete the tunnel.If you have Android 5.0 or later, then download lolli-2014-12-04.apk.But there are also other users for whom one ping packet every two minutes is not enough.L2TP packets never traverse a network, because they never leave the device.This should force all apps to send their traffic through the IPv4 VPN tunnel.Gom servers are 1000mbit servers that are optimized for streaming and fast browsing.Download DotVPN 1.1.8 Apk Android Package Name Is com.dotvpn.vpn By Smart Security Ltd.

Copy the downloaded.ovpn file to your phone and load it on the tunnel edit screen.The ZIP archive must contain one (and only one) VPN configuration file and its accompanying certificate and key files.

A forum allows us to follow up with you and request further information about the problem.Load the copied.ovpn configuration file on the tunnel edit screen.We are thus limited to network configuration changes that can be transmitted via L2TP, which are.So, if your OpenVPN server pushes a DNS server to the client, then you are fine.FEAT VPN is an Android app that brings OpenVPN to Android versions 2.1 through 3.2. In contrast to existing apps, FEAT VPN does not require you to root your Android phone or tablet and thus void its warranty.Here are the problems that are detected by FEAT VPN at startup and their associated error codes.You can now download and install DotVPN for PC on a computer running Windows XP.

Test failure means the same as Code M01 under Device Problems in the section Startup.The following options are passed on the OpenVPN command line in the given order.

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Tap on a subdirectory to switch to the subdirectory and show its content.We use this permission to read the system log entries of the built-in L2TP client.This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit ( ).This is the file name of the pre-shared static encryption key, if SSL is not used.They also provide illustrated instructions on how to set FEAT VPN up for use with their service, which makes using Super VPN with FEAT VPN a breeze.So, simply go ahead and surf a little with an established VPN tunnel.

Crash. If you restart the FEAT VPN app after it crashed, it asks you to send us the FEAT VPN log.When you scroll back, i.e., towards earlier log entries and the beginning of the log, the FEAT VPN log is locked.

If this test fails, then either the built-in L2TP client or FEAT VPN sends an unexpected L2TP packet during the handshake on your device.Using the FEAT VPN app is subject to an app privacy policy, which is required by California law.


Push the back button of your device to return to the tunnel edit screen without loading any configuration.IPv6. The built-in L2TP client does not support IPv6 and, accordingly, FEAT VPN cannot support IPv6, either.

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On most phones this kept the radio constantly active and resulted in a battery life of only 5 hours.

When you are connected to an IPv6 network, YouTube traffic will typically not go through your IPv4 VPN tunnel.Please also take a look at the section Support And Refunds to find out how to get a refund for the commercial version of FEAT VPN.

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The file name of the ZIP archive, obviously, must end you have Android 2.x or 3.x, then download eclair-2014-06-18.apk.Please let us know in our support forum, if this test fails for you.

This is a real world version of the Bypass TCP Upload and Download tests.So, if you have an Android phone, then please skip the next section and skip forward to the section Self Test instead.Version 38 of FEAT VPN is out, which provides better compatibility when your Android device is connected to an IPv6 network.Unblock websites and apps at school, work, home, or anywhere in the world.

This section assumes that you are very familiar with setting up and running OpenVPN servers and clients.If it does, then please try to determine which difference between the reference configuration and your configuration it is that prevents FEAT VPN from connecting to your OpenVPN server when using your configuration.If it fails on your device and the previous test does not fail, then let us know in our support forum, you are on to something.