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Many had seen the exception as allowing providers to offer an internet fast lane to paying sites, leading to the Italian government to propose removing the exception from the draft regulations.January 14th 8:05pm. vancouver island earthquake zone. jeremy pruitt to florida state.

Net neutrality should be enshrined in EU law says

Above Photo: This Is Net Neutrality. how Net Neutrality should be implemented across the European Union.

Internet Wins! EU Regulators Publish Guidelines Protecting

The European Union dealt a blow to net neutrality on Tuesday by not.

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The European Parliament passes legislation that would let companies pay to prioritize their Internet traffic.Net neutrality should be enshrined in European Union law says the European Parliament.At a time when confidence in the European Union has been badly shaken across the continent, European.

Telecom industry poised to win big with EU ‘net neutrality

Billionaire financier and political activist George Soros said Germany should lead the European Union in a different direction, or be persuaded to leave.

European Net Neutrality Study. Blocking VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) and peer-to-peer Internet traffic is common in the European Union,.Net neutrality in Europe: reconciling the irreconcilable. In the European Union,. if the principle of net neutrality is to continue.The new regulations allow national regulators to decide whether or not to allow zero rating in their own country.When the European Union set out to establish rules on net neutrality — to protect the public.Yesterday, the European Union moved one step closer to enacting real net neutrality across the continent.

France Proposes New Rules for Internet Equal Access. the European Union and.The debate over net neutrality is already under way, and not just in the U.S., where the question of whether the U.S. Federal Communications Commission can mandate it has already reached the courts.Next week, the European Union Parliament will vote on the net neutrality package as well as other telecom regulations.

Activists Cheer Europe's Updated Net Neutrality Rules

Filtering packets to see whether they contain e-mail is a violation of the secrecy of private correspondence, he said.

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Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments regulating the Internet should treat all data on the Internet the same, not.

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That gives those sites a specific advantage when dealing with users with strict data caps such as those on mobile internet.

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This week, the European Union came to an agreement on net neutrality (0).Following the vote, the regulations are immediately in force in all EU member states, but national regulators, who are ultimately responsible for overseeing the implementation of the rules, will not be expected to start enforcement for six months.

After victory for net neutrality in the US, the battle

The European Union is poised to pass new laws that would protect network neutrality within its borders.

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Proposed rules would cut cellphone charges, ending roaming charges across Europe.

EU lawmakers approve tough 'net neutrality' rules

EU To Introduce Net Neutrality Rules By 2016, End Mobile

The recently created Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC), which brings together the national regulatory authorities of E.U. member states, has already set up a project team to work on net neutrality issues, Kroes said Tuesday.